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Sustainable Skylines, Leading Intelligent, Drone-Based Aerial Advertising Becomes OneSky FoF Member

OneSky is thrilled to announce that Sustainable Skylines is a OneSky Future of Flight program member. Sustainable Skylines is an advertising technology company reinventing the out-of-home aerial advertising industry with drone technologies and data analytics. They aim to eliminate over 90% of the industry’s carbon footprint, creating clutter-free, measurable impressions on a scalable platform.

OneSky and Sustainable Skylines will work together to revolutionize the out-of-home aerial advertising industry. Sustainable Skylines is partnering with VELARY to provide aviation technology and OneSky, the UTM and Operations Center solution for 4D, dynamic situational awareness, and decision support.

Michael Tornetta, Head of Sales and Strategic Growth, OneSky, said, “Sustainable Skylines is a beautiful example of taking a typical, crewed aviation conops and converting it to a commercial drone use case. They provide a safer and greener alternative to the traditional way of executing operations in aerial advertising. OneSky is excited to leverage our technology to demonstrate how UTM can enable another layer of safety to what Sustainable Skylines is already providing.”

Jacob Stonecipher, CEO of Sustainable Skylines, said, “We are delighted to be teaming up with OneSky and incorporating their cutting-edge UTM technology into our flight operations. Safety redundancy is crucial in the world of aviation. Today’s announcement puts us one step closer to integrating large-scale drone operations into the national airspace. Sustainable Skylines is transforming aerial advertising for the 21st century, and this partnership will help support our flight operations to succeed at scale.”

Learn more about the OneSky Future of Flight program and how to become a member here.



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