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We provide proven 
Supplemental Data & Analytic Services

A robust UTM ecosystem includes many different sources of

supplementary data that affect flight performance & operations, such as weather data, geographical information, telecommunications services, and Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)

This supplementary data will flow through individual UTM Service Providers (USS) and can be used by UAS operators and other stakeholders independently to make informed decisions along the approval process of a flight operation. 


Some Supplementary Data Services Providers (SDSPs) can support UTM operators in planning, validating, and verifying information; while other SDSPs like insurance providers may utilize information about flights to insure pilots, operators, and third parties.


Notably, our SDSPs can be used as stand alone web services accessible by UAS operators and UTM developers alike.

OneSky’s back-end APIs and enterprise-ready user interface authorizes UAS flight plans with safety-of-flight services from SDSPs.

With OneSky’s interactive 3D interface, users can submit flight plans representative of single-point volumes (point-flight) as well as more detailed waypoint-defined flight paths (path-flight) and are able to check their flights against an expanding set of flight-safety analytics from SDSPs, such as GPS Accuracy Prediction, Airspace Intersection & Proximity, Terrain Considerations, and more.


OneSky’s UTM APIs enable the entire UTM ecosystem to utilize data effectively for safe and efficient commercial operations.


Start using OneSky web services today!

You will have immediate access to all of the flight planning and safety analytics mentioned above.  Start exploring how OneSky can help take you further with increased flight plan safety analytics and enhanced situational awareness.

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