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Uncrewed Traffic Management

Leading uncrewed traffic management solution ensuring safe, efficient, and scalable access for all airspace users

OneSky’s uncrewed traffic management (UTM) system provides a scalable, cooperative ecosystem of real-time airspace status between commercial and recreational operators, Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). We make it easy for airspace authorities to register, identify, track, monitor, approve, and manage UAS operations and all types of restricted flight areas in real-time.

OneSky's UTM system is an enterprise-ready solution with flexible deployment options.  It is designed for national authorities to manage UAS traffic in an integrated airspace while ensuring regulation compliance and safety of flight operations.  The framework was designed to support UAS/pilot registration, flight plan management, airspace analytics, flight tracking, collision avoidance and more. 

At OneSky, we understand a UTM system must be prepared to scale upwards to support ever-increasing UAS traffic and to operate seamlessly in a constantly evolving environment of integrated systems.  As such, we ensure UTM remains a vital part of ATM by allowing the full utilization of airspace capacity, from the lowest to highest altitudes while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

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Our Phased Approach to UTM

OneSky works with our customers to identify what UTM service levels are needed to meet their drone ecosystem stakeholder needs and airspace safety requirements. We know that our customers need to understand how UTM can ensure airspace safety, how to begin implementing drone compliance to regulations and standards, and how their airspace will evolve safely and efficiently and what additional service capabilities will be needed as drone traffic demand increases over time.

That's why we’ve developed a three phased approach to help our customers through this process. This phased implementation process starts with the implementation of a registration system to ensure drones are accounted for in the ecosystem before implementing necessary services for basic airspace access and then more complex operations, including deconfliction for Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Sight (BVLOS) operations.

Phase 0

UAS Registration & Education Portal

This phase will establish the platform for the UTM system and will ensure compliance with ICAO’s mandatory requirements for the registration of UAS and their qualified operators.

  • Operator Compliance

  • Education & Training Portal

  • Remote Identification

  • Tracking & Monitoring

Phase 1

Basic UTM


In this phase, the basic UTM services will be implemented for the dynamic management of UAS traffic to provide ANSPs with a better understanding of airspace operations, airspace awareness,

and situational awareness.

  • Aeronautical Information Management

  • Airspace Management

  • Flight Planning Management

  • Request Authorization & Directives

  • Alerts & Notifications

  • Geofencing

Phase 2

Intermediate UTM Services

As UAV traffic increases, additional services will be required for dynamic airspace management including digital traffic management and an ATC interface.

  • Monitoring Service

  • Traffic Information Service

  • Emergency Management

  • Accident & Incident Reporting

  • Strategic Conflict Management

  • Weather Service

  • Analytical Services

  • Conformance Monitoring

Phase 3

Advanced UTM Services

As all airspace traffic continues to grow and operations expand over complex, urban environments more advanced and automated UTM services are required within the ATM environment.

  • Dynamic Geofencing

  • Capacity Management

  • Dynamic Conflict Resolution

  • Dynamic Rerouting

  • Full ATM & UTM integration

Our UTM Mobile App

With increasing complexity of airspace rules and regulations for small UAS and drone operators, there is an ever-increasing need for pilots to be able to quickly and easily understand the operating restrictions and impacting conditions that may be present.  OneSky Mobile is an application available for both Android and iOS platforms which integrates directly with the OneSky UTM platform and provides up-to-date airspace awareness while providing flight safety metrics to enhance pilots’ understanding of other operational risks such as anticipated weather conditions and anticipated GPS performance.


Everything we do revolves around the safe integration of UAS vehicles into the national airspace.

The OneSky UTM cloud service is cyber secure and ISO 27001 and GDPR ready. We recognize that in the aviation world our customers data and their direct customers data needs the highest level of security and protection assurance. Many companies today do not provide information and data security assurance as a core principle in the design and operational performance of their digital cloud based solutions. At OneSky we do this as part of our DNA so that our customers have peace of mind and control over their data.

Ready to learn more about how OneSky can support your UTM needs, from the most basic to the most advanced?

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