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Partnering to Achieve Success in the UAM Market: OneSky’s Future of Flight Program

At OneSky, we are closely monitoring overall successes in the UAM market. We work with our OEM and operator partners to help them get from their original concepts to commercial operations. However, we understand this does not happen overnight. To achieve operational success, many engineering challenges must first be overcome.

With You Every Step of the Way on Your UAM Journey

Consider the (stair-step) diagram below and where your company is on its journey to commercial operations. While OneSky is dedicated to delivering the world's best UTM system, we know that until every operator and manufacturer gets through these immediate hurdles, the total value of the OneSky UTM will not be realized.

OneSky UAM Stair Step Journey Diagram from Design to Operations

The OneSky Future of Flight Program

We believe that when the first vehicles go commercially operational, they will need to have already been integrated with air traffic management solutions to achieve business success. So, we have created a program, which is free to join, that helps our partners shorten the time it takes to get to scalable operations. We are calling it the OneSky Future of Flight program.

By joining the OneSky Future of Flight program, you gain access to a host of benefits designed to help you navigate the challenges of your UAM journey quickly and easily, including:

  • OneSky engineers working with you to create a digital CONOPS that will serve as a tool for you to validate and share your operational concepts. Here is an example of what that could look like.

  • OneSky granting you access to the APIs for our public UTM portal. This enables you to look at how your systems can integrate with a web-based UTM system.

  • You gain access to OneSky’s growing network of ecosystem partners and become one yourself.

  • Over regular touchpoints with the OneSky team, we can discuss important topics such as industry trends, standards evolution, and regulatory changes.

  • OneSky offers all Future of Flight members a financial incentive to become an early adopter of their technology, designed to scale with your growth strategy.

While the program name may not be unique, we believe the title is fitting. Everyone reading this is likely interested in the future of Urban and Advanced Air Mobility. The entire OneSky team is rooting for your success, and this is just one way that we plan to help ensure it.

Learn More

Contact us to learn more about how you can join the OneSky Future of Flight program.

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