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A Universal Drone Registration System - The First Step Towards UTM

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Ensure Your Airspace is Safe, Secure and Accessible to All Airspace Users

ICAO has recommended that all member states immediately implement a National UAS Registration System as a foundational step towards the future management of UAS in low level airspace.  Similarly, the EU has required by law that all EU members implement a UAS Registration System. 


Yet today, UAS in many countries are operating without being registered by the National Aviation Authorities posing safety and security concerns to all airspace stakeholders.

Safe. Secure. Customizable. Scalable. Mobile-Ready

Designed specifically for Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), our customizable web-based drone registration platform includes an automatic billing and payment module, as well a customizable public education portal. Our registration system also enables drone identification and tracking for airspace safety, security and compliance.

Benefits of the OneSky Registration System 

An easy to implement, dedicated platform to spread awareness about aviation rules among your drone operators.

  • Enables pilots and authorities alike to monitor and track operations

  • Enables the removal of operations and user anonymity 

  • Creates a roadmap for more robust and advanced UTM services, and helps build the future infrastructure for safe UAS operations

o   Remote Identification
o   Emergency Procedures
o   Notifications & Alerts

o   Tracking

o   Authorization

o   Monitoring


Customizable deployment - via cloud or on premises Integrated Billing System / Compliant with global registration regulations

  • Interoperability

  • Interface with UTM & C-UAV systems

  • Interface with Manned Aircraft Registration System

  • Supports both broadcast and network RID

  • Supports desktop and mobile authorized apps


o   ISO 27001 and EU Cyber      Security Compliance

o   Privacy compliant GDPR

Content Customizable

o   Add your own drone            education content

o   Add pilot courses



Administration Database Management

  • Allows authorized administrators to query the database, manage database information and produce reports

  • Offering customizable menus

Users Links

  • For downstream applications, API keys can be generated in order for the downstream application to authenticate and use specific APIs to pull data from the registration application

  • The API's allow for the registration system to:

    • Generate a drone registration code or "License Plate”

    • Customize the code generation algorithm and format according to customer requirements

    • Support different licensing levels such as Recreational and Commercial

Different Languages

  • If desired, the application can be configured for multiple languages, via a language drop down menu in the navigation bar

Mobile Ready

  • Our services are out-of-the-box mobile-ready and also offers full access to Drone Registration via mobile web services

Downstream Applications – UTM Service

  • Our backend API allows registration information to be accessed quickly by authenticated external systems.

  • This API is used by the other components of OneSky’s UTM system, but it can also enable integration with 3rd party UTM systems or any other systems such a C-UAS or ATM.

Remote ID Service API

  • OneSky is a leader in the development of Remote Identification (RID) or Electronic Identification (e-ID) capabilities for UAS and our registration service API is able to integrate with both Broadcast RID or Network RID drone identification information services

Ready to Implement Your Own Drone Registration System?

The OneSky Registration System enables an easily deployed, configurable system to seamlessly capture your UAS operator and vehicle information - ensuring a better understand and control of your airspace users.

See it for yourself. Set up time with a OneSky UTM specialist to talk about your unique airspace integration challenges.

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