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Advanced Operational Analytics

Operational analytics are a critical piece of enterprise mission planning, ensuring the safest flight possible under any circumstances.


OneSky provides the analytics and data required to help drone operators and managers make the best decisions possible for a mission, from planning through landing.


Our heritage includes mission planning and operational analysis for a wide variety of missions in all kinds of environments, from under water to altitudes in Earth’s orbit. OneSky’s analytics engine has been honed by the experience of providing thousands of customers worldwide with the understanding they need to complete a mission safely.

In the UAV domain, OneSky’s analysis tools consider metrics including:

  • Terrain, buildings, and obstacles

  • Federal and regional airspace restrictions

  • Communication links

  • Navigation accuracy and DOP

  • Satellite and other vehicle or station access

  • Population density and ground based risk assessment

  • Lighting conditions and sun angles

  • Weather

OneSky uses these operational analytics to develop an overall picture of your planned flight.

When combined with particular flight constraints such as battery life, pilot placement, or other operational logistics, flight plans become complete safety packages that can be submitted to regulators for BVLOS or other approvals for advanced operations. 

While mission planning and approval is an essential step in your flight process, flights don’t always go according to plan.  Drone operators and managers also need analytical support during flight.  Our analytics have been optimized for use during operations, so pilots can use them in real-time during flight, based on vehicle telemetry.  In-flight analytical support allows pilots to react to new airspace restrictions, hardware or ground control failures, or payload emergencies. OneSky’s real-time analytics allow drone operators to pivot quickly to a modified route that they know is safe.


Ready to get to get started with Operational Analytics?

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