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Skyports Joins the OneSky Future of Flight Program

OneSky announces that Skyports has signed on to be a member of the OneSky Future of Flight program. This program aims to help participants successfully navigate the challenges of integrating their vehicles with air traffic management solutions.

OneSky will work closely with Skyports to:

  • Create a digital CONOPS that will serve as an aid to help them validate and share their operational concepts

  • Grant access to the critical APIs needed to interact with OneSky’s UTM solutions

  • Share technical requirements to help shape the OneSky technology roadmap

  • Help evaluate where OneSky services and solutions can reduce time to market challenges

Michael Tornetta, Head of Sales and Strategic Growth at OneSky, said, “Skyports is an industry leader in all aspects of their business. We share a common goal of reaching full-scale commercial operations as soon as possible. While we face many challenges to achieving that goal, we are here to help remove obstacles quickly and efficiently. The OneSky Future of Flight program serves as a tool to reduce time to market concerns.”

Jef Geudens, Head of Technology at Skyports, said, “Air traffic management is an integral component of the AAM ecosystem and is key to moving the industry from conceptualization to commercialization. We’re glad to be continuing our work with OneSky through the Future of Flight program to ensure safety and compliance always remain at the core of our operations.”

Learn more about the OneSky Future of Flight program and how you can become a member here.



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