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Ensure Your UAS Operations are Safe, Efficient, Compliant, and Scalable

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OneSky’s UAS Operations Center offerings provide unparalleled situational awareness and decision support for uncrewed operations from one vehicle to a full fleet.

Leveraging 30 years experience delivering operations centers to the military and intelligence community overseeing tens of thousands of objects, OneSky has redeployed this proven technology to enable fast, cost-effective use for civil and commercial operations. 



Key capabilities: 

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Our flexible architecture provides everything from desktop solutions to support field operations, where network access may be disadvantaged or unavailable, to enterprise web solutions that provide controlled access to all stakeholders.

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Integrates with your existing technology to maximize operational value from GCS systems, (Mission Planner Control, Piccolo, ArduPilot, PixHawk, etc.), sensor systems (radars, optical, RF, existing security sensors), real time data (ADSB, Remote Identification, GSM and other onboard tracking devices).

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Supports numerous GIS data formats and standards, terrain and imagery sources, and coordinate reference systems.

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Data Log

Complete flight and data logging for operational reporting and integration with operations and fleet management systems.

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Configurable workflows including resource scheduling, mission planning, risk assessment, flight approvals, UTM/ATM integration, alerts and warnings, realtime flight tracking and conformance monitoring.

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Built from the ground up with security in mind to enable various levels of control and developed to the latest cyber security standards.

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OneSky understands the challenges of remotely piloted flight operations, having supported similar users for over 30 years.


With proven and validated technology ready today, OneSky delivers cost-effective, configurable operational capabilities to get the most from your remotely piloted air systems.


With OneSky as your airspace service provider, you have a partner who understands the emerging airspace requirements and helps future proof your operations as the requirements for UAS traffic management (UTM) and air traffic management (ATM) integration evolve.

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