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Modeling & Sim


UAS & UAM Modeling & Simulation Tools

UAM airspace is complex - let OneSky help you make sense of it all.

We provide high-fidelity analysis to address challenges like CONOPs development, mission design, system testing, flight analysis, and ultimately enabling advanced operations.

OneSky is working with OEMs and operators to enable safe access to the airspace and to harmonize the sky. OneSky provides industry-leading dynamic analytics for the commercial and civil Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) markets.



More specifically, our simulation tools allow for design and testing of the complex concepts and systems involved in operations.  From planning performance driven flight routes, considering satellite systems, modeling radars or even understanding the effects of terrain and urban environments on communications systems, OneSky brings proven systems modeling expertise.


UAM is here for the long run. That’s why we ensure a collaborative approach to advancing our customers along their entire UTM and UAM journey. We can support you every step of the way—providing high-fidelity analysis to address challenges like CONOPs development, mission design, system testing, flight analysis—and ultimately enabling advanced operations.


Phase 1

Design & Validate

Create & Design CONOPS

  • Understand Operating Environment

  • Model Platform and Payload

  • Design Airspace
    Structure & Routes

  • Analyze Supporting Infrastructure

  • Build a community acceptance story

Validate & Optimize Operations

  • Optimize Mission Performance

  • Simulate Traffic Volumes and Flows

  • Demand & Capacity Balancing

  • Perform Trade Studies

Develop High Fidelity Analytics

  • Analyze effects of buildings & terrain on comms systems

  • Analyze the quality of your navigation solutions

  • Analyze the quality of ground based surveillance

  • Predict communications link quality along your route


Phase 2

Test & Certify

Physics-based 4D Simulation

  • Accurate Digital Twin Simulations

  • Evaluate System of Systems Performance

  • Software & Hardware-in-the-loop Simulations

Test Flight


  • Equipment Location Optimization

  • Telemetry System Modeling

  • Flight Route Design

  • Collection Assurance

Post Flight Reconstruction

  • Post Flight Data Visualization

  • Case-Specific Results

  • Equipment & Flight Platform Metrics

  • Quick-Look Analytics Across Captured Data Sets


Phase 3


Flight Planning Phase

  • Planning & Dynamic Scheduling

  • Discovery & Synchronization of Networked Operations & Constraints

  • Safety of Flight Analysis

  • Airspace Authorization & Approval

Real-time Operations

  • Situational Awareness

  • Real-time tracking & Decision Support

  • Notification & Alerting Service

  • Conformance Monitoring

Post-flight Analysis

  • Safety & Compliance

  • Reporting

  • Digital Logbook

  • Performance Analysis

Our validated aerospace software supports your project’s lifecycle through platform modeling, payload modeling and geospatial integration to conduct studies and simulations that drive your business plan. With an ever-increasing collection of analytical tools and capabilities, OneSky provides advanced analysis to meet the needs of the most demanding engineering challenges across multi-domain markets.

Let OneSky demonstrate how our advanced modeling & simulations tools can help you advance your operations

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