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Operations Center

Dynamic 4D Situational Awareness and Decision Support for Uncrewed Operations 

You have to navigate the evolving challenges of today's airspace. We help you do it safely and efficiently to achieve mission success while effectively scaling operations. 

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The OneSky Operations Center allows you to:
  • Plan your airspace compliance

  • Design and simulate your concept of operations

  • Perform live situational awareness and operations management


The OneSky Operations Center For:

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As medical and package delivery becomes more prevalent, operators need a trusted solution to plan and prioritize routes. Real-time flight monitoring helps to ensure efficient and safe use of the airspace. Analytics can help operators maintain levels of safety needed for approved flight routes.

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Operators performing linear inspection can take advantage of OneSky's Operations Centers ability to manage constraints, perform strategic deconfliction, manage and monitor operations, and utilize analytical services including navigation, communication, and weather.  Sensor analysis is also important for these types of operations. OneSky works with operators to provide additional analytics to support efficient sensor outputs. 

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As urban air mobility moves into the for front of uncrewed operations, take-off and landing infrastructure, such as vertiports, become critical components of our airspace framework. The OneSky Operations Center allows operators to perform scheduling, routing, and strategic deconfliction among vertiports. Perform weather analysis to ensure passenger comfort and safety through the corridor and near the vertiport. Analysis of noise to confirm it meets mission thresholds.  

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Maritime Operations

Dynamic data, including ship locations and weather status, must be considered when working in a maritime environment. The OneSky Operations Center allows operators to monitor and utilize dynamic data, even re-route flights as conditions change. Whether you are performing inspections, shore-to-ship delivery, or providing security surveillance, OneSky Operations Center can be tailored to your operational needs.

Image by Bertrand Bouchez

OneSky understands the challenges operators face today, having supported similar users for over 30 years.


With proven and validated technology ready today, OneSky delivers cost-effective, configurable operational capabilities to get the most from your missions.


With OneSky as your airspace service provider, you have a partner who understands the emerging airspace requirements and helps future proof your operations as the requirements for UAS traffic management (UTM) and air traffic management (ATM) integration evolve.

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