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R-SYS Joins the OneSky Future of Flight Program

OneSky announces that R-SYS has joined the OneSky Future of Flight program furthering the integration between ATM and UTM systems and enhancing efficiency, compliance, and safety for U-Space solutions.

R-SYS provides innovative software solutions for mission-critical applications and real-time systems across the aviation landscape. Their IXO ATM product, deployed by several European ANSPs, provides a powerful and multi-platform solution for integrating information on crewed and uncrewed aircraft operations while providing real-time aeronautical information for all airspace users.

The OneSky Future of Flight program aims to help ecosystem partners like R-SYS successfully navigate the challenges of integrating their technology with air traffic management solutions like OneSky’s preferred UTM solution. OneSky and R-SYS will work together to ensure that R-SYS has access to OneSky’s UTM APIs and team of experts while helping to advance the OneSky solution and reducing the overall time to market.

Toby Potter, Head of EMEA at OneSky, said, “The integration of ATM and UTM is key in supporting ANSPs as they move from the basic UTM solutions today to deploy more advanced solutions designed to meet the market’s needs for BVLOS and UAM. OneSky’s leadership in advanced UTM, together with the experience and expertise from R-SYS, delivers the platform ANSPs require for a long-term U-Space solution.”

Marek Nahlik, CEO, R-SYS Ltd., said, “R-SYS Ltd. belongs among those who, back in 2020, first implemented and put into operation a UTM system developed based on customer requirements which emphasized the importance of the integration of crewed and uncrewed air traffic. Current developments based on requirements for advanced UTM systems specified within U-space projects bring new challenges, mainly in UAM/AAM innovations. We believe that R-SYS and OneSky joint capabilities can bring new market opportunities for U-space solutions built in compliance with SWIM standards and satisfy customer needs to expand drone services.”

Learn more about the OneSky Future of Flight program and how you can become a member here.



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