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Introduce a Girl to Engineering

Engineers Week - #GirlDay2022

This week is Engineers Week 2022. Started by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), it’s dedicated to increasing the interest in STEM-related careers. As part of Engineers Week 2022, Thursday, February 24 is #GirlDay2022. As an Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) solutions provider, we are staffed by a team of dedicated engineers eager to inspire the next generation of leaders in STEM. In honor of #GirlDay2022, our head of product management would like to share her story.

Meet Divya, Head of Product Management, OneSky

Divya Vijaywargiya, Head of Product Management, OneSky
Divya Vijaywargiya, Head of Product Management, OneSky

As the Head of Product Management, I am responsible for managing OneSky's products, validating the product roadmap, and working with the development teams to ensure our vision is executed and aligned to the corporate strategy.

I became interested in engineering during my high school days, with Math and Science being my favorite subjects. I have always been inquisitive and interested in seeking information and finding solutions that take advantage of technology. STEM seemed to be the perfect approach, and that motivated me to pursue a career in technology to understand the science behind it. At the time, it was impressive how the world wide web was like an open encyclopedia available at all times, and computer science paved the way to find new solutions to existing problems. It automated processes that encouraged me to take the path towards computer-related technologies.

OneSky UTM  showing multiple flights

I received my Bachelors in Engineering in Computer Science and went on to work as a software engineer in early 2000. Since then, I have had multiple roles, contributing to the field of aviation and drone analytics. I believe my current company, OneSky has some exciting technology and innovative products that will help make drones safer and more dependable in the future and harmonize the skies.

Learn More About the OneSky Team

You can learn more about Divya and the rest of the OneSky team by watching this video:



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