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Live Operations Demonstrations, Panels, and Awards

The end of September proved busy for Team OneSky, with an opportunity to showcase OneSky’s UTM during a live ship-to-shore operations demonstration, plenty of speaking engagements, and even an award!

Supporting Skyports Ship-to-Shore Live Demonstration in Singapore

Pelwinderpal Singh attended the first Global Urban & Advanced Air Summit Asia (GUAAS) 2023 in Singapore. During this two-day event, OneSky Future of Flight partner Skyports did a live demonstration of their ship-to-shore operations. Two of their drones took flight, one operating a delivery to a ship anchored in the port, the other demonstrating surveillance capabilities. The OneSky UTM was used to display the flight routes, airspace information, geospatial layers, and help ensure deconfliction from anchored vessels and crewed aviation.

Drone Logistics and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Regulations

Toby Potter and Chris Kucera headed to Airspace Integration Week Madrid, where Toby participated in two panels with Drone Alliance Europe. In the first panel, Toby and a team of industry experts discussed how to boost your logistics business with drone deliveries. They compared U.S. and E.U. regulations while exploring how their differences influence sustainable market development. They discussed tough questions, including whether BVLOS and UTM/U-space are the keys to scaling drone deliveries and what are the most important technologies for drone deliveries.

In the second panel, Toby discussed BVLOS - how do we make it in Europe and the US? The experts considered Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) infrastructure and how it can be incorporated into smart city infrastructure to support efficient and seamless transportation systems.

Developing ATM Automation and Applications of CNS

Chris Kucera was also busy in Madrid, lending his expertise to a few panels. He sat down to discuss developing air traffic management (ATM) automation and if ATM was possible without human intervention. He and a team of experts debated whether AI would eliminate human intervention or if human expertise, judgment, and oversight would continue to be essential to ensure safety in complex scenarios and maintain public trust.

Chris also participated on a panel that discussed new satellite technologies and their applications to communication, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) and air traffic management. Chris talked about how new satellite developments, including SATCOM systems and updates to positioning and navigation services, impact airspace management.

While Chris and Toby were there, they picked up the UAM/UAS Integration Award with our partner A3. The award was based on our work on a fairness monitoring service for Airservices Australia.

Image Courtesy of Airspace Integration Week Madrid

To learn more about our work with Skyports or any of the panel topics Toby and Chris were discussing, contact us.



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