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Volatus Infrastructure, with its Best-In-Class eVTOL Technology, Joins the OneSky FOF Program

OneSky announces that Volatus Infrastructure, LLC is a OneSky Future of Flight (FOF) program member. Volatus Infrastructure connects communities to the future by offering three main eVTOL infrastructure designs, a vehicle-agnostic charging station, and an app and maintenance programs. Their work positively impacts clients and their communities by tailoring to specific needs while incorporating the latest technologies.

Volatus Infrastructures vertiport with charging station.
Volatus Infrastructures vertiport with charging station. Image courtesy of Volatus Infrastrucure.

OneSky and Volatus Infrastructure will work to combine their respective technologies to accelerate the drone industry. Volatus Infrastructure connects communities across the US to the future of transportation by designing, constructing, and maintaining landing pads and charging stations at vertiports. OneSky provides the technology and expertise to enable dynamic 4D situation awareness and decision support with the OneSky Operations Center. Together the teams will work to advance the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry as it starts to grow.

Michael Tornetta, Head of Sales and Strategic Growth, OneSky, said, “Scalable BVLOS operations will require infrastructure from surveillance to launch and landing locations. Volatus is taking a holistic approach to their industry segment by providing software solutions, charging solutions, and the brick-and-mortar vertistop. Each launch and landing location will have airspace concerns. We want to start working with these providers early to ensure we can deliver the most relevant airspace management solutions. Grant and his team are forming strong global partnerships, and we are excited to explore ways to work together. ”

Grant Fisk, Co-Founder of Volatus Infrastructure, said, “Safety of our airspace and the vehicles utilizing the space must be the utmost priority in order for the AAM industry to succeed. The team at OneSky has done monumental work to positively influence and shape the UAM market. By partnering together, we are able to make advancements for the greater good of the industry as a whole.”

Learn more about the OneSky Future of Flight program and how to become a member here.



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