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Understanding GPS in Contested Environments

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a fantastic technology that has allowed us to know precisely where we are anywhere in the world. As this location technology has grown in use, new systems are being built to rely on it for both positioning and timing. Radio navigation systems, like GPS, GLONASS and others have an Achilles heel though - as the signal powers are so weak that they are easily jammed, making location and timing determination difficult, and sometimes, impossible.

In this paper - written by OneSky's Head of Analytics, Ted Driver - he describes what the issues are, and how GPS is affected by varying threats. Further, the paper highlights ways to mitigate those threats, including how modeling and simulation can be used to see issues before flight and the use of alternative positioning technologies. You can find both the full paper and presentation slides below.

View the presentation slides: Understanding GPS in Contested Environments

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