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ResilienX, a Leader in Aviation Safety Management Systems, Joins the OneSky Future of Flight Program

OneSky announces that ResilienX, a leader in in-time aviation safety management (IASMS) has become a member of the OneSky Future of Flight program. ResilienX provides safety assurance solutions for highly automated and autonomous ecosystems. Their IASMS solution FRAIHMWORK software platform monitors the health, integrity, and performance of the systems involved in scaled BVLOS operations, enabling organizations to meet global regulatory requirements.

The OneSky and ResilienX teams have been working together to support the development of Australia’s UTM framework as part of the Airservices FIMS project. By joining the OneSky Future of Flight program, ResilienX strengthens its partnership with OneSky. The broader industry will see the benefits of the powerful work ResilienX has done to deliver system performance monitoring and safety assurance to the innovative OneSky UTM.

Chris Kucera, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, OneSky, said, "We are excited to have ResilienX join our Future of Flight program. ResilienX has proven to be a thought leader and partner for us in the industry. Their focus on system performance is very complementary to UTM and enables all stakeholders to trust the system of systems involved with enabling BVLOS flight."

Andrew Carter, Co-Founder and CTO of ResilienX, said, “As the UAS industry continues to mature, partnerships like this are critical to operationalizing the ecosystem. Complexity is increasing as we move towards routine BVLOS operations, and individual companies can’t do it all. We are thrilled to join this burgeoning ecosystem of partners in the OneSky Future of Flight program who are bringing complimentary, vetted capabilities to the table.”

Learn more about the OneSky Future of Flight program and how you can become a member here.



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