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OneSky and Nova Systems Awarded Funding for UAV Package Delivery

AGI / OneSky is proud to be a part of a recently announced collaboration with Nova Systems to provide UAV Traffic Management (UTM) solutions to support UAV package delivery in Singapore. This announcement includes funding awarded from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and the Ministry of Transport in response to a Nova Systems proposal which includes OneSky, Nanyang Technological University’s Air Traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI), M1 Limited and Scout Aerial.

This consortium of participants will be focused on implementing and demonstrating multi-vehicle / multi-site package delivery while employing OneSky’s UTM system as well as advanced modeling and simulation to analyze communications, navigation, and surveillance capabilities throughout the test trials.

OneSky and Nova Systems have worked together previously in Singapore to deliver and demonstrate a conceptual prototype system for introducing UTM solutions in Singapore’s complex urban environment during the 2018 Singapore Airshow and we are excited to build on these efforts for this next phase of research and development.

OneSky’s involvement in these activities provides an opportunity for us to continue growing our solutions and building an increased understanding of the real world challenges involved in enabling safe and efficient Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations. We look forward to working on this with such a great team!



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