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AGI/OneSky Sponsoring This Year’s DroneDeploy Conference in San Francisco

As more UAS pilots are taking to the skies, it is important that safety remains a focus during both the execution of the flight as well as the critical pre-mission planning phase. As an effort to help encourage and build best-practices when it comes to safety-of-flight, AGI/OneSky is proud to be a sponsor at this year’s DroneDeploy Conference!

DroneDeploy boasts a global user base consisting of hobbyists, commercial drone pilots, and fleet operators who all depend on DroneDeploy’s tools to plan and perform their missions. With such a large presence in the UAS market combined with a phenomenal product for pilots and integrators, DroneDeploy is a great platform for OneSky to offer its safety of flight analytics to commercial UAS operators. With several apps already available on the DroneDeploy App Market, thousands of users have already discovered the value in using OneSky’s pre-flight safety tools!

Users can plan flight operations within the DroneDeploy environment while at the same time leveraging any of the OneSky apps for additional insight and safety awareness. With OneSky apps available on the DroneDeploy App Market, users can access advanced GPS/Navigation prediction analysis by reviewing a 1-Hr GPS forecast at their planned flight location or investigate the impacts of terrain on their flight plan to better understand ground clearance and see how Above Ground Level (AGL) altitudes can change during their flight plan.

Read more about these app individually here:


We are proud to offer these types of analytical tools to the UAS community and glad to sponsor DroneDeploy as they continue to make processes and workflows easier for UAS pilots. We are looking forward to meeting users this week at the conference and always have our ears tuned for great ideas that might become the next app we build and make available for DroneDeploy users!

See you in San Francisco!



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