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OneSky Partners with ITGlobe to Expand Proven Uncrewed Traffic Management Solution in India

OneSky is pleased to announce a partnership with ITGlobe, a leading provider of global aerospace engineering and design services. Through this collaboration, OneSky’s proven uncrewed traffic management system (UTM) solutions will now be available in India exclusively through ITGlobe, who is dedicated to ensuring the safe integration of UAS operations and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations in the Indian national airspace for all stakeholders.

OneSky and ITGlobe announce partnership to expand proven UTM solution in India.
At the launch announcement of the partnership between OneSky and ITGlobe in New Delhi. Seen here left to right: Sandeep Mahajan, Jim Cooper, OneSky Chairman Paul Graziani, and Gp Cap MM Rao (Retd)

The partnership between OneSky and ITGlobe is especially important in India as drones integrate into the existing system. OneSky’s UTM services provide a cooperative ecosystem of real-time airspace status. The OneSky UTM makes it easy for airspace authorities to register, identify, track, monitor, and manage UAS operations and all types of restricted flight areas in real-time. ITGlobe provides the established expertise in India to integrate the OneSky UTM.

ITGlobe’s Vice President of Security Solutions, Gp Capt (Retd) MM Rao said, “Across India, there has been an increased use of remotely piloted vehicles for a range of activities, both civil and military, leading to a crowded environment in any given volume of airspace. The increased density of traffic calls for a need for increased vigilance to safety and to enhance freedom of action for the assets. Regulating traffic is aided by a digital platform that can integrate these uncrewed systems activities and provide a comprehensive situational awareness picture to the regulatory authorities while increasing the efficiency for exploitation of every inch of the airspace to achieve military objectives.”

Bob Hammett, CEO of OneSky said, “We are excited to be working with our partners at ITGlobe. We have a proven relationship with them from our years working together at Analytical Graphics, Inc., and appreciate that shared heritage. Uncrewed systems are incredibly important for both civil and military missions. Our UTM helps ensure the safe, efficient, and effective integration of these new airspace operators into the Indian airspace. We are delighted to have a partner as capable as ITGlobe to help us deploy our UTM solutions in India.”



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