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Sagetech Avionics Joins the OneSky Future of Flight Program.

OneSky announces that Sagetech Avionics has signed on to be a member of the OneSky Future of Flight program. Sagetech Avionics is an aerospace technology company empowering safe flight in crewed and uncrewed aircraft with certifiable situational awareness, detect and avoid, and collision avoidance solutions.

Through the OneSky Future of Flight program, the teams will combine Sagetech’s advanced certifiable, onboard detect and avoid (DAA) and collision avoidance solution with OneSky’s innovative UTM platform to provide enhanced safety through proven airspace situational awareness.

Mike Tornetta, Head of Sales, OneSky, said, “Sagetech is providing critical technologies for the aircraft operators and invaluable information to improve flight safety. Airspace and traffic management is only going to be possible if we are able to coordinate the assets in the air. I look forward to growing our success with Sagetech as we continue to empower the operators in the industry.”

“Ensuring airspace safety in ever-more crowded skies is a difficult challenge, and requires a layered approach of onboard and offboard solutions,” said Tom Furey, CEO of Sagetech Avionics. “Sagetech is excited to collaborate with OneSky and other industry leaders through the Future of Flight program, integrating our collective technologies to help reach the full potential of Urban and Advanced Air Mobility, safely.”

Learn more about the OneSky Future of Flight program and how you can become a member here.



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